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>It could still be partially annexed by Argentina, although there are no signs of this happening any time soon.

I heard Argentina has it's own inflation and financial issues though. But it has Italians and Germans running it, so it's possible good choice if it ever happened and the Argies get back on their feet anytime soon.

...Yeah that won't happen anytime soon. All countries in South America are ruled cuckshed HOMO freemasons who take direct orders from the US/UK/(((that group))). They're shit on purpose

>Do you mean that goy?
Yes, that faggot who came along with trump stain, the "Based" Italian minister with no control over anything in his country, the Chinese agent in the Philippines and all of those other over hyped "Right wing" politicians that sprung out of nowhere.

Or after people discovered who was funding isis and they started backsliding and covering everything up. That's where they all started showing up