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>I mean did you ever think when we began this thread, as I did, that money would rain, and school would end, and the nba and nfl shitbag of racist bs would be crushed into dust?

We honestly didn't. It's a little surprising how everything is unfolding right now. Lots of things were planned to happen because of the pandemic that didn't go through READ: violent riots, race wars, full communism, etc

>At the end of the day, the virus is because Earthlings are becoming soft.

In nature, a virus called Myxomatosis occurs whenever rabbits reproduce and eat/deplete too much resources at the time. It effectively wipes out most of the population until natural resources can recover from them

I just thought of that now when I saw this post. Especially since it was one of the first viruses to be introduced to willingly genocide an entire race I.E: the European rabbit