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>Vader means father and one must lead the way.

I think that was just Lucas being clever, seeing as the was Lucas' father all along. Spoiler

Or maybe not. Star Wars was only supposed to be a one movie franchise, until Lucas saw how popular it was and decided to milk it. He sold it because he was just tired of it after decades

>No idea about 'rey' or any of the lame ass attempts to blackify star wars

Rey translates to "King" in Spanish.

I think this is just the entertainment industry doing the whole "Androgyny" thing again. Which is the norm. Rey is a king, but she's actually a Queen. She's a woman, but she looks and acts like a man, etc.

"Blackifying" things means a bigger market and more money for the people who make this shite. They aren't doing it because they care about their audience, mind you