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>No. I've heard enough about SF being a haven for homosexuals ever since the gay jew fag

Funny thing about that. SF has always been extremely gay. When the gold rush happened and men flooded the state, tons of homo clubs got opened afterwards. There's a severe gender imbalance since the gold rush to this day. It was the epicenter of gay culture in America. I can't find the link for that right now. Will try later. And not that many people got rich from the gold rush anyway, just a few percentage of people from the thousands that went there.

SF has always been mega gay anon... since Spain lost it.

Oh California. You went from wealthy and Catholic to faggy and bankrupt in only a few decades. Shame to see the former colonies in such a fucked up state. But I suppose that's what happens when freemason niggers take over anything. That goes for both Mexico and North America mind you. Don't think the conflicts that occurred between those 2 countries were even remotely natural

And no, we don't want Cali back