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>why people prefer hang themselves instead of clean some shit?
Individual Americans? The majority are consuming jewish mental programming. Growing up through the 1980s and 1990s, I watched as people increasingly lectured about how "cool" gays are. In the 90s, when a violent prick like O.J. Simpson stabbed his wife 12 times, it did have media coverage as he was found "not guilty". The negro has since admitted to doing it. That trial outcome was when shitskins were hugging each other and shouting, "Yes, fuck the white man!" Ah, but who noticed why there was such heavy media interest? It wasn't about Nicole Simpson's death. It was because the jew Ron Goldman was killed. I'm sure they hoped OJ would take the fall without too much focus on the real reason they wanted him to. But jews empowered their negro golems too much.
>do you have any leaders who offer normal ways to fix social tension?
Which normal ways? This is an abnormal parasite we're dealing with. We have no leaders who will go against the Zionist Occupied Government. Campaigning takes millions of dollars in donations in this Capitalist system, and third parties aren't allowed to succeed. It's either Democrat or Republican, which are financed by the same mega-corporations thus cater to those agendas. Many Americans buy into the illusion that their vote matters for Democrat or Republican, year after year. Millions in bribes and the threat of being slandered across mainstream media keeps them subservient to Israel.
>i mean, what i saw from your media and videos, this is like a controlled psychosis.
True. It's mental conditioning. Americans experience a lifetime of it. From childhood, as parents must both work to pay the bills and leave their children home with television brainwashing. That was mostly in the 90s. Since more are moving away from television, jews decided to dominate popular social media. Anyone calling jews out on platforms such as Facebook, Discord, Twitter, YouTube etc. have their accounts permanently banned.
>Divide and conquer - what it is.