Reader 11/17/2020 (Tue) 21:30:56 Id: 6fdfda No.16486 del
(70.29 KB 828x819 D_GKCTaUwAEcBHC.jpg)
>I know making entrapment threads should be illegal, but I also do some real crime on the side
So you confess to doing both of those things here? Holy shit, glowies really do love burning tax payer money hiring idiots. Pretty easy when you use other people's hard earned money which doesn't belong to you

>It's public information
That you ARE THE glow nigger, who spams this board and all others since he got booted from being an admin here? Yeah we know dude

>I'm spreading bullshit too, just anonymously
Nobody cares AIDS monkey

>I can't believe people don't fall for my "install this botnet software my fellow nazis" threads. >Even though this is the millionth time I've made it here
And we still won't install your shit. Not now or ever

>now you're using (((Windows 10)))
Nope. Couldn't be more wrong. Just like everything you post here lol

>since you use worst honeypots possible

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