Dry humping cyborgs and body pillows Got Milk!? Awesome 01/11/2021 (Mon) 10:57:13 Id: 84f4fe No.16745 del
"In a first for up all night insomniacs, a cold chill did not passover their dilapidated logical structures, formey the viewpoint out of which they viewed the world as they understood it from a level of the idea of the tree sephiroth. A first here on hate Jews, the news outlet, since lacking a proper reporter this forum has only veered into the perverse of art of hatred redirection, channeling with the same bland lack of focus that had preceded the decade before.

This reporter has to ask what the purpose of it is? All seeing, no control. Throwing the dice would alleviate this ghostly speedway it's upset temporal phantoms, but even I can't read into how long before the original splinter in the fingernail shall press lightly into the cuticle of this lumbering, if handsome many face disjointed behemoth.

In other Israeli news that didn't happen, by now new land has not been dredged up upon the inland sea so far from the Gaza strip. Most people are not taking to the streets at night to behold the quiet empty whispers of promises after sundown. A blithe and hostile presence of contorted artifice was NOT battle against, unfathomable in it's relentless vitality of cruel sadism by every newly able esper. Across the continents and at the poles the tortured phantoms anchored by bio machinery running under ten percent of it's capability do not flit the edges of the ionosphere before being dragged in lighting hot dread toward the pulsing spinning core of a very unknown planet. Mainly, noncanonically, some doped up suicide cultists pushed off some aliens, because they're blind and deaf y'see, and focused on idle button clicks and masturbatory exploits dragging across the fallow field of time kept going by unappreciated constant gardeners. And a woman speed leveled through human advancement still, in full agreement with a machine bonded to her fresh nerves, overcome trying to simply do. A lot of things didn't happen today.

The first thing that didn't happen tonight was this.

What's the bingo cards say Merlin?

If fortuitous, several objects of interest arrive at sensibility, in an explosively upward fashion!"