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Nothing to understand about that link besides the fact that jews lie as easily as drawing breath. Notice the faulty math. Population increases become population losses. And the source: Arnold Dashefsky & Ira M. Sheskin, Eds., American Jewish Year Book. I'm not surprised about those kikes. Just like the ones who couldn't figure out that not even a modern crematorium could ash 6 million jews between the summer of 39' to May 45'.
That's not the point. IDF snipers shooting boys playing soccer, phosphorous bombs melting little girls and shooting unarmed women. They're pussies. IDF sniper American soldiers as well. Kikes get away with anything believing they're too clever to be noticed, but they believe wrong. It's their lobby bribes preventing any consequences. With the terrorist actions Israelis have committed against the U.S., there would have been multiple wars against them by now except for that reason. Corruption. Treason. Arabs belong in Palestine. That's their home. As for the reason Arabs are in nations they don't belong, you're looking at the opportunists and the results but not who opened the flood-gates. Germany, England, France, those are not the homes of Arabs. They were let in by jews after the first phases of the plan - blaming Mossad terrorism on Middle East nations and scaring Arabs out with wars in order to cause the mass migrations. The end result being genocide of the indigenous populations. The Kalergi plan, which sick jews in authority award each other with for purposefully attempting to replace us all.