Cake Baker 02/15/2021 (Mon) 22:11:59 Id: 3047c2 No.17056 del
Yes, and overcoming that was my struggle. Similar to Adolf, he and I struggled against the same vile shit.
The news is that fuckface masonic Religious Orders like the Watchtower are zooming ahead, untouched, not prosecuted.
Religious Orders that ruin kids for Zion, must be destroyed, that's not news, but, I intend to draw some parallels between my struggle, and Adolf's.
I might also ass, that Adolf thankfully jailed these fucktards, and, had he crushed their order, literally tens of thousands of Watchtower children would have lived free lives, or at least regular lives.
You make a decent point that news is whatever a person wants to hear, in many ways this is not news, that Zionist fuck kids over. However, I believe Adolf and Christ and anyone good, will oppose shitorg "Religious Orders" like this one, and I would like to encourage that.
Also, it is topical because they are the foremost shitty rag pusher, according to the protocols, magazines and paper shit, are the means the jew uses, and also, they use children to front that message.
And, when they take their victims to court, they most certainly do use the name "The Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses", among their hundred other devious and criminal names.