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<Not current event
I understand this part, but, 1921 was a huge year for Adolf, and so I feel we are well poised to celebrate his life and also to castigate his enemies. Thus, the 100 year cycle for Adolf runs through 2045 when he was taken from us.
And, therefore, should I live, I will be playing his harp for the rest of my life. I have lost all consideration for negrophile false shitheaded Christians such as those who raised me.
>Are you a jew?
Not that I know, my mother was Irish Catholic and chose the Watchtower due to her hatred of her Catholic family. My father was no different than Alois was, just a self interested man. Neither of them were unloving, just submitted by the jews at Brooklyn Heights, old home of the JW Order.
They were duped around the 1975 era when people were innocent pretty much. How dare they knock on doors with their false shit. Well, sadly, they got my parents and that sent me down the hole many others have gone down with me.
Many of you may have even gone to school with kids like me, prevented from saluting the flag, and other anti national behaviors. Like, what the fuck did we know? I was one of the more precocious kids in my group, what good do brains do you when you are buried in jewish concrete? I can recall so many of my peers, destroyed by this evil cult of Zionism. Naturally we should celebrate Adolf's birthday on April 20, but all I am suggesting is that with this 100 year cycle, that those who wish to do so, will use February 24th as a day to celebrate an "Unknown JW Child" birthday, on behalf of all the kids who are denied personhood, denied self determination, and denied the truth. I will answer questions if you have them, but I will be saging my posts in this thread, news is what carries hope, people want hop, perhaps I can give some even though I am consumed by anger. Please, on Feb 24th give some thought to all the silent lambs and the ravaging teeth of the faggots in these religious Orders.