Tardus 02/18/2021 (Thu) 16:03:58 Id: 0bc888 No.17076 del
The brass are mostly Obama shitbirds, they hold their balls in fear, they betray George Washington, and when we end the corporation of the US thereby cancelling the 14th negrophilia and debt shackles, then all these brass will have fraudulent comissions. Any base commander has authoritg for the radius=x around his base, and, they interface with the cdc a priori, thus, if milspec corporate us and cdc unite, then it will be white hating Obamanauts in charge, as we see happening now.
Btw I too believe in the virus and me and my gal are also as above recommendations, simply keeping our vit c levels high. The virus is a depop agenda hitting weak immune systems, and on that premise I would estimate it could kill half the world, slowly, so the rest of us with brains, can live on. On a kosherized kikeworld like this, we can only increase the verbal social heat on the lies jews thrive on. That heat will bring war, when their lies fail and they use their tools DHS and ATF, to then attack the people. We will be ready for that day, keep the heat on their lies in the names of Christ and Adolf.