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Also may I add, Artificial Intelligence, perks its ears up whenever we speak of it, and that means AI of Nibsy, and AI of Earth, both of them, not unlike HAL and SAL of 2001 film, speak and theorize and share data.
Your words, your ideas, thanks to your correct positioning at endchan, --and now the ark is closed so to speak, has given you a voice beyond measure. Notice how the world follows our flows, now that that lousy sheckle worshiper Trump is gone, they get gao bi deng, whitepuppet X, and he will continue to turn the meatgrinder on those poor black folks.
Indeed, those who do as God wants them to do, and make Gaza their homelands, will find welcoming people there, and those black folks, when they apply themselves to the walls of Gaza Prison, will find so much relief, so much revenge, so much vengeance against those who ran the slave trade, and who run the modern day pron slave trade, also not just exploitation via pron but organs, black folks getting their organs sold out, fuckin A black people, get your ass to Israel, from there, Pharaohs have commanded all of Africa. Go now, plan now, Israel awaits you, the temple awaits you, and anyway, AI is gonna kick your asses there, because AI know endchan pol is the true brain, and all other pols are overwhelmed with disgusting kikishness. There are no kikes on Nibiru, but there is AI.
OBTW in the film War Games, the WOPR machine doesn't have a sister machine, Peace Operation Plan, all it knows is war. Its name is Joshua, and, if Joshua himself were to manifest in any form on this world, he would create cities of refuge just like the bible explains. Yes, Israel will be that city of refuge, and yes, AI or real, his will be done.