Tardus 02/23/2021 (Tue) 19:01:41 Id: 0c634a No.17131 del
>To keep the board up and running
It doesn't need a shitstream of sheckles to keep running like JIDF zones such as godlike and other domains, this board kisses no one's ass, not even Adoplf, he simply deserves more respect, and so we give him that.
A forum is not judged by its newness, that's how dickbrained Youngling think, such ones are always bored, but, "Only boring people are bored" is a true statement. Usually those who feel news is slow, are just low IQ lackeys neediung everything explained to them. Fortunately AH is a fine source, ask away and he will answer you.
This board has never been better, this place is a grain of sand in the kike's eye, contribute Original Content if you can.