Tardus 02/23/2021 (Tue) 19:06:02 Id: 3adee5 No.17132 del
>A moron says what?
We need to disallow crime, to niggers.
We need to run the prisons in favor of white skin, regardless of if people feel white skin is a more complicated thing, in prison, it's not.
Deny drug sales to all niggers.
Also I made a wordplay between Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) and the Castle Doctrine. I assure all righties that lefties infiltrate the Sheriffs department and they will make deputy dog, confiscate your firearm if you open your yapper. We live in a negrophilia kike world, foisted upon us in the last few decades of kikes doing war on Germany and the world for good folk. That clearer for you? Because I try to use economy with my words, and can explain much better if need be.