Tardus 03/05/2021 (Fri) 01:25:37 Id: 14c6a2 No.17228 del
>Pepe is kek
Yes I get that, I do own Budge books on heiroglyphics tons of books on late Egyptian dynasty like 18th. **Newsflash, both hebrews and muslims fight over the right to have killed little Isaac in the bible, literally those two shitgroups compete to see who is the better child killer, that's the bible story minus Jesus: Two dumbass groups of desert twats.
Kek magic equals what, Moses' plague of frogs? Doesn't that seem a bit JIDF hasbara IP crapzone to you? Thus, pepe is a kike movement flooding him as with the bible plagues. But hey, I get your feelings about it, I like the silly little child pepe memes cute as hell, but also just a 'feels' touchstone, which war has no time for. Pepe in military style memes like Qjew did, is lame, imo