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Well this is the most recent mtgox story I could find, looks like fucking kike Karpeles is off the hook, but it gets better, way better in terms of his kikery.
MTGOX sits on 200,000 btc whereas the coinvictims will get cash payouts based on the 2014 price. Long story short, Karpy could get a billion dollars. So, yeah, kikes suck, and the FBI is also sitting on coiins and is a rogue agency destroying the USA its host country.
That is because the claims by people who deposited bitcoin at Mt. Gox are calculated based on the yen value of the cryptocurrency at the beginning of Mt. Gox liquidation proceedings in April 2014. Meanwhile, Mt. Gox, which is mostly owned by a company controlled by former chief Mark Karpelès, is sitting on more than 200,000 bitcoins worth 17 times as much today as they were then.
Bankruptcy-court filings suggest Mt. Gox will have hundreds of millions of dollars left over after paying creditors—money that Mt. Gox’s bankruptcy trustee has indicated would belong to the collapsed exchange’s shareholders, with Mr. Karpelès’s company being the biggest.
“When it’s all sorted out, Karpelès would pretty much get [the] vast majority” of the extra value, said Kolin Burges, a creditor who held 311 bitcoins at Mt. Gox which would be worth about $2.3 million today. “So that seems incredibly unfair.”

So I am adding to the reason why crypto coins are largely kike theft vector, and also that doge memes prey ion an kikish manner, on those poor dumb sods who actually buy dogecoin, a truly shitty coin. Doge coin if it was a real doge, would lie there and shit on your carpet with a smile.