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Once again you set us right. Thanks. Indeed it's like we can't really know unless we triangulate in this way. I set em up, you knock em down.
I just liked his attitude about a long based problem in the British society, that Edward Heath used to fuck boys and dump them in the channel. Qtardism aside, the issue of kids as disposable chattel is a modern news item, in terms of denial, or wrongly steering it as Q did.
Hmm okay how about this one, relevant to oath keepers and the capitol "fake seige" here we have an veteran being arrested and denied bail, what do you think?
Here is the judges reasons for denying bail: While Joshua doesn’t have a criminal background and has strong ties to the community and is not believed to be a flight risk and may not have been violent that day, he continued to have communication with members of Oath Keeps after the 6th which “proves” he has no remorse for the events of that day. And due to the fact he has PTSD from being blown up in Iraq serving his country and doesn’t take medication for his ptsd and owns fire arms, they feel that’s a volatile combination and see no reasonable scenario for granting bail.