Tardus 03/14/2021 (Sun) 16:35:43 Id: 16e7a8 No.17313 del
>Americans scream that only Jews love freedom,
Only jews love freedom? No one says that, Jews love Abraham whose idea was to kill his kid, and their nemesis (fake) is the Ishmaelites who vye that it was their little brat, another one of Abraham's kids, who was under the knife. Jews and Ishmaelites alike, both then use the (((scapegoat))) method, to assuage their child killing genesis. If you need more descriptions of what jews are, just ask.

>but why do Zuckerberg, Schumer, and Feinstein support tyranny?
All jews are materialist shitheads who hate actual work. Rothschild was a mammonist frankist gold worshipping wretch who sold out his family to banking, thus making them the power nexus of all jewry. Logically, if jews weren't mammonists they would not have stood rank and file with Rothschildian forces. It took super jew, to impress all the fat lazy common jews. In this I have explained those super jews you speak of. Also, you fucking know this already you lousy kike

>If only Jews love liberty
Another lie? Liberty is given to sailors on a ship, it is a thing a person demands as a sort of payment for work. Nature does not give liberty, the sun cannot liberate you from the growling of your belly. Liberty comes only from whom commands you, or whosoever is in the act of preserving your life. A captain of a ship, grants liberty. "Give me liberty or give me death!" is the cry of a bonded man. Now as to jews, the only liberation they seek is from their man Moses. The antinomians (means anti-noah) aka the frankist/sabbateans, hate and love Moses powerfully, for all the reasons I probably need not state. Ask questions if you have the ability to form them, but your posts are truly shit. I feel as if I am typing to a pool of vomit on the sidewalk, but, since the board is slow, we can get some mat time in by throwing your dumb ass around.

>then why did Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin support freedom?
They were true fathers, not like rothschild or like nigger disappearing fathers or like all the other shit parenting that goes on. The founders tried to apply their capital to a protective force of the people. They were men who laid their nuts and their numbers on the line, to form this great land, America. The land existed, but the power to protect it, did not. OBTW how fuckin sad to be an Israeli, worrying about that crap ass piece of desert you have, barely, managed to cling to, no doubt anyone who comes from there is not gonna be mentally stable, be they jew or muslim. Seek Christ, as did Adolf.