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Yes Tardus answered. You know, I remember suspicion back in the late 90s when I wasn't aware of the JQ or that Hitler was a good guy. There was this movie SLC Punk where the main character seemed contrary to his anti-establishment Anarchist stance three times. He beat up the National Socialist "punks" depicted with armbands, full coats etc. These were a trend I never saw the real world equivalent of throughout the 80s or 90s. Even as a brainwashed indoctrinated it was obvious to me National Socialism wasn't even in power so why the fuck waste time fighting them? Stevo shamed his father for being a jew driving a Volkswagen (the father and son characters are both actors of Irish descent in the real world) and the whole crew went apeshit at some guy who said he viewed National Socialists as "just a gathering of people" when driving all the way to Wyoming to get beer. The group of punks' enemies weren't even establishment cops as often as it was "the rednecks", as in the buzzword term for the lower class of people of European descent just struggling to survive through poverty. The two actual jews in the production were "Mike" (Jason Segel) and the "mod Eddie". It's obvious now those two kikes insisted all that bullshit went into the film. As for McLaren, the wealthy son of a diamond dealing kike doesn't strike me as "punk" yet he's the origin of this shit following the map of the French revolution which jews notoriously ran.