Tardus 03/17/2021 (Wed) 13:46:08 Id: 78a3ff No.17338 del
I actually recognize your words as literally every other vaporware ib poster.
Dorner memes imo are the sort of lowball negrophilia that ib also suffer from. Don't play stupid, Chris Dorner should have kept his cool and waited for the fight. Also, it is a lack luster meme, simply just some dude's face. Now if you had the skills to photochop dorner into a moonman curbstomping thing where dorner is out there with the actor from fight club, curb stomping nigger pimps and scumbags, then you have something. Have you understand a word I said? If yes, be silent. If no, be silent.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: IB is shit, made by jews who are shit, used by human shit, to shitpost. Only endchan /news/ and /pol/ have any smart and good folk defending their wires. But hey, if you come in, sit down and learn, you will perhaps become transformed in the light of truth, and hard core original content nuclear war level memes.