Tardus 03/17/2021 (Wed) 14:19:34 Id: 9393e7 No.17341 del
>What genuine protestors have personal security guards?
Adolf Hitler on Feb 24 1920 had a bunch of friends there to defend him from antifa communists, who hooted and whistled and used all their tricks to stop his speaking tour. It was the size of a church gathering however, and totally different than this massive display at the capitol. Forgive me if I overstate the power of my meme above, an endwar meme. Endwar was a popular game, one of my favorites. Now, was the antifa capitol invasion planned before I made my meme? Yes, investigators now know, beyond a doubt, that the capitol was invaded by antifa leftists and obamanauts. So actually, it is now the FBI and DHS who are in the light of interrogation, they have American people, as they continue to not police themselves or dissolve their bodies, as does a daisy facing a blizzard. Yes, I am glad some good Americans showed up that day, even though it was antifa leftists and cops/agents who literally opened the place up. The ashley babbit scene was truly one of the greatest kabuki events in history, done by the obamanauts inside the building, to themselves. Their hysteria, shows that they did this to themselves.
I want to say that I am not defending stupid actions, but here in the command center of endchan, memes carry far. If I am taken away for memes, I will do everything I can to obtain photoshop from within prison.