Tardus 03/17/2021 (Wed) 18:05:25 Id: 9393e7 No.17346 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=opZ7wkB4yMg [Embed]

I have long been a fan of clif high. Comments on him are welcome of course. His is the only channel I listen to on shitzone youtube. This is probably one of the best whiteboarding demonstrations, from a non artist, I have ever seen. Don't jump to the middle, to hear him comment on white supremo boogeyman because it is better to let him build to those comments. Mind you, I am posting this before I even listen to the rest of the video, perhaps we can all listen to this today and discuss it all year. Thanks YouTube, all your efforts to control the narrative fail on all fronts. We never needed you, to see one another, and we don't need you, YouTube, to get to the better world. You, YouTube and all your jewish powers, have persecuted people like clif, all your loathesome corporate lives. I won't fire up my youtube chan, simply because it's not worth it to me, for youall to see my face, who gives a fuck. But, in this case, some more good is slipping through YouTubes greasy fingers. Clif's channel will be banned, but he will take it on the chin or fold to the money powers, let's see what happens, ha ha, see what I mean?