Judge permits release of Proud Boys leader charged in Capitol riot Reader 03/18/2021 (Thu) 22:45:41 Id: 779759 No.17358 del
It doesn't end there though

>A federal judge on Monday allowed a Proud Boys leader who faces charges relating to the Capitol riot to be released despite prosecutors’ warnings that he could plan future attacks on the federal government.

>Magistrate Judge Brian Tsuchida determined that Ethan Nordean, 30, who faces four counts related to the Capitol raid, should be released pending trial, with a nightly curfew and restrictions on travel and communication with other witnesses, CNN reported.

>The Seattle-based judge’s order did not involve home detention, GPS monitoring or a monetary bail amount for Nordean, who has described himself as the “Sergeant of Arms” of the Seattle chapter of the Proud Boys.

>Justice Department prosecutors had argued that if Nordean was released, he could work with the Proud Boys to plan a different attack or potentially flee the state. They signaled they would appeal his release.

>Nordean’s attorney claimed that his client was not “a danger” and was not preparing to escape the state.