Tardus 03/19/2021 (Fri) 16:09:53 Id: aae13d No.17369 del
Apparently shit's kicking off in Ukraine (no good link yet just whispers and twittershitposts) Thus does it seem acceptable to bump our Ukraine thread. As when Adolf brought them strong commanders with strong tanks and bread and salt, to defend them from the communist hordes. Too bad Poland had been such dicks to German speakers. All wars are language wars at their core.
Please post updates on Ukraine fight situation, let us not allow the Donbas Odessa tragedies and Maidan sniping of good folk, let us have an Ukraine thread that speaks to what Adolf saw and loved about them.

Wiki link yes but not tainted, simply a timeline of what is leading up to renewed conflict. May God Almighty and Santa as well, help, support and defend the lovely people of Ukraine no matter what language they speak. Though English is the best of course.