Tardus 03/20/2021 (Sat) 17:07:35 Id: 67972d No.17381 del
>facial recognition with mask mandates
The obedience we give to road troopers (RIP Lavoy gunned down on the USA autobahn) and OPG tow trucks, will be used against you.
They should read us all our miranda rights upon birth, but certainly they should read them when we get or renew or driving license. "Every thing you say and do will be used against you, to cuff you and bury in a faggot zone called prison, run by men, who are a loathesome cadre."
...Oh wait did I get the miranda rights wrong? No really, my version of the miranda rights is more truthful than the government and all lawyers on Earth.
Said another way, the chicoms force their people to face some eyeball scanner that reads the eyeball, 1000x better than any old face scanning antique crap, right? Blade runner, minority report, they've conditioned at least two generation to prepare to have their balls scanned. Heh, get it? THEY'VE GOT US BY THE BALLS!