Reader 03/20/2021 (Sat) 19:50:25 Id: 0430f4 No.17383 del
Check out this screenshot.
Only kikes would place fucking pepe frog next to the sig rune.
US brass was gutted by Obummer and are negrophiles now, decimation and purge coming, two armies as in Jericho TV show, one side will be the antiwhite side, the other will be the white side. Sorry you fucks made 4chum and 8chum but we won't fall to your tyranny of shit you created yourselves. Runes are letters, and only the truly stupid would equate a god damned frog, fucking hebrew bible plague junk, with the writings of a valourous and brave people. Thankfully I feel our US commanders will be defeated by their internal enemies. We must preserve a future for the children of our race, we must not let the spark go out. Green skin is a dead zone for the human race as is jewish landlordist thinking. How dare these crap brass gaze on an army which is not paid well enough, how dare they treat this volunteer force so shittily. I would pluck their feathers and roast them like turkeys which is what they are. Negrophile turkeys promoting the jewish lie of the civil war which sherman and grant and abe all knew was a fucking of the world.