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>Boneheaded Negrophile Obummer Brass
Yes, the troops know they are led by disgusting Obamanaut brass. I have never seen the us military so led by cowards in my entire life.
Secretary of Defense, is a completely unnecessary cut-out position, utterly useless. Notice shitbrains Rumsfled on 0/11 literally hiding in a closet while kikes established DHS, and now we got a puerto rican soldier as the leader, and more civil war remnants in power. **The civil war was a kike trick and this is recorded in both the writings orders and memoirs of our commanders Grant, Sherman and Lincoln, all of whom knew it was the jew ruining the usa and causing the civil ware. All negrophilia must end, and all reverence for immigrunts fleeing their shitlands like for example puerto rico, must be cast down, why would we favor these people from shitlands and Israel is the worst shitland, over actual Americans. I advise all actual Americans to become silent. Because everything you say will be used against you in a monkey court, we are arrested at this time, we are detained in an open air camp called each US State. All Governors are criminals, requiring rope.
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the stand-down Feb. 5 and gave units across the military 60 days to discuss extremism in the ranks with troops.
The military's policies are clear, he said: Troops are not to advocate for, or participate in, supremacist, extremist or criminal gang doctrine, ideology or causes.
The military remains an apolitical organization, Colón-López said, and it doesn't matter if an extremist group is far right or far left -- both are off limits.