Tardus 04/02/2021 (Fri) 00:55:42 Id: cb13af No.17473 del
>Fnoyd and his killer being in cahoots is old news
Again I have to explain that news and newness mean nothing, in fact if every newspaper stopped printing, the human race would be better off, it is a newspaper mindset you describe, and what I am saying is that this fact needs to be analyzed, else all lawyers are just stupid fucks, when you and me and all other thinkers know the truth. The truth is this: Court is a joke that doesn't mean shit except that you get caught on its flypaper. Everything these idiots argue in court is a smack in the face to whatever subject they are discussing. Cops give fake paper money to their allies/fronts/puppets, and it is that, which the jewish lawyers won't stop, because bribes, graft, and kettled cops, are what their power is based in. When a cop gives his street puppet some fake bills, he is then handcuffed to the system, both of them become useless to good men.