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CJD is one of those "genetic" diseases that a majority of cases are not even due to genetic transference. v(ariant)CJD is more widely known as Mad Cow Disease so we know it's transmissible. The title from that .pdf alone specifies "prion-like domains" are headed for your angiotensin-converting enzymes which SARS-CoV-2 is already known to do. This doesn't come at a surprise, because the virus is not what attacks your body and vaccines tend to be live-attenuated or inactive. Meaning you'll be injected with the virus. Covid-19 triggers your brain to activate an overbearing auto-immune response, a cytokine storm of pro-inflammatory white blood cells leading to full body inflammation. Covid-19 comes after your ACE2 inhibitors and nAChRs (nicotinic acetylcholine receptors). Nicotine in fact, seems to disrupt the virus's binding and there is an extremely low amount of smokers hospitalized for Covid-19. >>15854 and >>16010 though there are the usual risks of lung disease, cancer and diminished breathing capacity.