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Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate your medical experience and knowledge.
I've always tried to tolerate smokers of nicotine-infused cigarettes, primarily for 'freedom'. Although really it is 'liberty' i.e. 'permission to smoke: granted' rather than actual freedom which would mean freedom to grow whatever plants in our garden and to resist any authority. We don't have freedom, but the liberty to ingest tobacco/nicotine is at this time, still expensively granted to us. For my part, just doing personal research on 1: The hypodermic needle, 2: Opium>Heroin process, and 3: Nicotine addictive properties, I understood that all of these were purified/discovered at a mechanical process level around 1850 or so, roughly the same time the civil war, marxism, and all that stuff was also being 'discovered' as such. It's as if we live in an echo of the mid 19th century, in some ways.
>Mad cow/BSE/CJD
I figured I would post these two links here for analysis. I don't know this lady but her point is that copper deficiency and manganese excess, is contributive to this syndrome. She points to roundup being more of a factor than infectious transmission. Also I included a link of her site explaining copper deficiency. Probably I am at least somewhat engaging in confirmation bias since I have been having chelated copper in my vitamin routine, along with C and a couple different multivitamins. I started this from reading about the blood-borne nature of this thing and that copper is very much required for blood cels to propagate and function normally.
>The jab
Why do they even call it the jab? They should call it the stab. Indeed, when one considers the total picture of this thread, we see the WHO and chicoms taking zero responsibility for their actions. Also Rockefeller "Lock Step" preplanning of this event, explains the script that 'China did right, and eventually America becomes like China and does right also' Literally the documents about 'lock step' describe infectious chicom thinking as being driven top-down from our treasonous leaders.
But also, the medical profession is a totally spineless cadre, which the colleges cause, by 1: making too few doctors so that there is hyper-competition in medical school, and 2: locking their doctor-loans for medical school, into their lifestyle once they become doctors --IF they survive the purposeful hell of medical school, they have that half million dollar call and chain on their ankle. 2/3rds of the Fed's balance sheet is school loans, which is why they can never cut that ball and chain. The colleges lie to us about every subject. Also Yale and Harvard, photograph all their new students in the nude, and this was publicized years ago. Removing professors/tenured shit, lawyers, and traitorous pols, might seem to be a solution, but in the chaos, they are likely to continue their evil ways. This is a shitstorm of lack, and cowardice.