Steam Trains Seem A Good Thing to Me Tardus 04/12/2021 (Mon) 16:37:34 Id: 8ab850 No.17505 del
How bold you are to comment among all these lames with nothing to say. And what bold truth you speak. Yes, the Chinese are a fine people unto themselves. Shalln't we praise them for the good, as you do?
1: They hate muslims. Yes, and yet hatred willn't cause a good society. False natsoc groups like atomwaffen and x and y and so forth, seek to steer adolf and chums, into the abyss of darkness, but in fact, every sun/christ based effort is bathed in light foremost, although light does also allow shadow, so one feeds off of the other. Thus, we must praise them for their good sense, in loathing the march of stupidity. I would say the Chinese know better than to pray in the streets as the muslims do. They have a greater sense of shame. I think also the Japanese as their nemesis/corollary, have this same sort of shame. I find this to be connected to ancestor worship, --my opinion only. I would say that when and if round tables ever get going in terms of true discussion, then these issues will have to be discussed. The jew causes an /intl/ world and they shine it up with their dirty rag, and make it sparkle. Consider what a whoop-dee-do 'fun' place Germany was at the height of its despair. It was, literally a place that had no production except the flesh and bones of its people being prostituted on the corner. Something had to come forward, to help them. Regardless of outcome, that force did rise to save Germany. Now, we have a world where we cannot say out loud that anne frank's diary was written with a ball point pen and is a fraud. We cannot discuss the holocaust as a religious sacrifice done unto jews themselves by people using jewishness as a cloak. We have our tongues, and bodies, arrested, in this jewish outdoor prison called Earth. Having said all that, it will be a discussion about Abraham/Noah and the man Moses who wrote the book of Genesis. This is of course the origin of the most recent schism of Earth, and we feel its effects down to this day. Some would say, "Adolf appreciated muslims more than jews!" to which I would perhaps argue that he played them both according to their nature as he understood them. I would perhaps cause objection by saying that he despised Karl Marx more than Moses or Mohammed. Comments welcome.
2: Yes, China seems willing to step up to manage negros. Since we the USA have already paid millions of dead white boys' blood into the never ending bucket of tears for negros, I think it might be okay for China to have the job of imprisoning I mean enabling them all, in Africa. That's why I appreciate the idea that negro folk are the true inheritors of Israel, and thus, if these would repatriate back to upper nile region, they could have their 'kangs' reality there, near Kilimanjaro or whatever, heart of Africa, in a relatively protected place. And then of course the Turks and Egyptians can meet them at the nile delta for some excellent wars. Winner takes Tel Aviv and yes the pyramids also.