Jesuits Ruining America, Then, and Now Tardus 04/16/2021 (Fri) 18:00:20 Id: 9a10ce No.17530 del
The Jesuits, which run universities across the country, have a long-term goal of raising $1 billion and a short-term goal of raising $100 million with the GU272 Descendants Association.

The association is named after the 272 slaves that the Jesuits sold in an attempt to save Georgetown from financial ruin in 1838.

However, the organizers will not answer questions about the program, how the money will be spent and if there will be any safeguards in place to ensure money is not spent on programs antithetical to the Catholic Church’s beliefs. It is not currently planned that the money would go to individual reparations but instead into communities to repair the harms of the 1838 decision.