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I'm aware, anon. Painfully so, and without any clue as to how to stop them besides gaining numbers. Besides becoming a leader whom no matter how morally infallible anyone could be, they'd still be physically vulnerable. This is not a cry out over fear of death. Death is a welcome alternative to this jewish-plot-infected cesspool. Merely an observance of mortality. Hitler was a great leader. He was successful for over a decade. His nation was invaded, corrupted, and now decays from the inside out. He died long ago. His ideal was taken from him and corrupted while he's unable to do anything about it. A mirror of any leader of rare moral standing is impossible in our modern age. We see it repeated every election cycle. The ankle grabbers for Israel were long corrupted before they even took office. So as an observation, I contemplate the possibilities of both moral leaders and sound nations. The fact that these are as rare as they are entirely too brief. I do not speak as one attempting to dissuade or "black-pill". By all means, gain the numbers. Make many attempts and never stop fighting. Incorruptible but capable of eventual defeat. Morally strong but cannot deflect the nations' impending death forever. Which comes back around to an extreme rarity of moral leadership. Kikes have their heads of the hydra because corruption is their game and cockroaches infest every corner. The head who is not only ideal and virtuous, but wishes the same for his entire people, eventually becomes cut off and the rest of the body fades away in decay.

I'm simply trying to solve this obnoxious transience of a pure and ideal nation. I can think of 1,000 answers each growing more ridiculous, but for real tangible solutions, I have not found any.