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Look at that. It's the typical JIDF outraged response. A farce against jews? You don't say. This reminds me of another farce which this site does well to debunk:
What makes you so angry about negros claiming ownership of Israel is obviously your jewish blood. Otherwise you would not give a shit whatsoever. Kikes have spread their hollowhoax farce across the globe. They could use negro golems invading their stolen land for a change. The exact same immigration shit kikes have pushed across many nations that don't belong to them. The best part about the Black Hebrew movement is nobody needs to convince them of the farce. They already believe it. It's only a matter of time until Israel faces that Pandora's box, and unlike you because you're a jew, the very idea of Israel being forced to take the negro hoards puts a smile on my face. For all they've done to us, jews have this coming.
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