Tardus 04/22/2021 (Thu) 10:52:56 Id: cb13af No.17545 del
>buying shit
Well you are right about that, the product called negro, is a lowbrow product, and shouldn't be bought by anyone. Negrophilia is a masonic push, and they know it will ruin any society that buys it.
Having all the negros of the world assemble in tel aviv would be wonderful, how could you not love to see the jews over run with their own karma, and earn their destruction by hordes of negros. who are sold today as surely as they were then. Let the entire legacy of Israel that shit hole, be given to the negro. The only one who will cry will be jews, the rest of us good nations will see blacks leave our society and go back to Africa, it is a brilliant plan, and they will be happy finally, rather than wrecking our good neighborhoods. Africa is the neighborhood for negros, no other place will do. And as for calling me a jew, go fuck yourself.