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The point of this board was originally to carry on the tendencies of /news/ or even Jim's /newsplus/, when end/news/ was created by RPD. However, end/news/ was annexed by me and those jews who had a grasp on it originally do not have a hold anymore. That means anything 8chan related should be discarded. What I want for this board is for it not to have many similarities to that old pile of 8shit ran first by a kike-ran midget a yarmulke wearing snake who paid Hotwheels' rent and then a fat old kike. Instead, /news/ needs other anons posting news besides myself (which I quit doing months ago because the Covid-19 over-reaction increased my work hours). News without influence of jews. That was my intent when I claimed this place. The concept is contrary to the norm, as all mainstream outlets are ran by the damn parasites and those who claim this is an overreaction never seem to have the mental capacity to look up the ethnicity of those CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen of the major networks.

And this is why I favored sleep over late night posting. Insomnia rambling. Correct; I don't remember a story involving a robot statue added to Turkey. If you have the related banner, I'll take a look at it.
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