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Yeah I get it. You just want the board to have a more serious and not kiked tone than 8ch's one. It's alright.

>And this is why I favored sleep over late night posting. Insomnia rambling.
It's a slow board, so I don't think you have to worry so much about it.

>Correct; I don't remember a story involving a robot statue added to Turkey. If you have the related banner,

Don't have the banner with me right now, but I'll look around for it. Basically, a mayor in a city in Ankara, Turkey decided to use state money to build a giant robot statue in the middle of the city. When asked about it, he just told people to "respect the robot". After a while, he decided to change it for a T-Rex statue. Pretty funny stuff. It's a really old 8/news/ meme back when the board was decent and not superkiked by jim. That board had its good moments sometimes. Sad seeing internet communities die out and fade away, so I'd just like to keep them active and alive.