Reader 08/12/2021 (Thu) 01:58:48 Id: 674acb No.17731 del
>>durr nuclear holocaust. Get it?
I never lived in that era but from where I'm standing now it does sounds pretty stupid, sure, the jews would ever let the 2 biggest kike-loving nations to fight each other. It's kinda like how they want to tell all the nations that they're getting a civil war, a nuclear power nation is getting a civil war, only way of that happening is kikes leaving that nation, but the parasites never leave willingly, and even then kikes would still take the nukes out of that nation.
I remember a video from a year or two ago with Osama's niece supporting Trump, don't know if the all family is involved but it sure glows. Now that the russians are back in Afghanistan maybe they'll bring Osama back from the dead to shill on some glowie shit once again.