Eves Unite! Adolf Deserves Your Respect and Gives Respect Back to You Tardus 08/23/2021 (Mon) 14:27:16 Id: 10629f No.17751 del
>Interracial reproduction is a major plot of jews, which would be best suited propagandized towards Israel. If every one of their plots were aimed at them, kikes would eventually cease to exist. The very same plot behind their many agendas they intend against us.

Yes, it disgusts me but also this world has suffered the same miscegination and debauchery of the natives that jews did to Germany prior to 1941.
All blacks, Africans and of course Afghans should immediately head to Israel, it is the land they will inherit. Let the jew who hides behind white culture, be exposed as the kol nidre yammering hoax he is.