I always hire a shit ton of chicks, makes sense. Tardus 08/25/2021 (Wed) 09:59:04 Id: 32b3ee No.17756 del
>What is a northwoods plan
"Northwoods" was the plan submitted to JFK that got him killed when he refused it and rrefused to allow Israel to have nukes, and it was the Northwoods plan that involved flying commercial planes into buildings to force castro hatred. THUS once the rotten kikes killed him, they just used the northwoods plan on september 11, 2001. He didn't stop them from raising up the kosher bowl of cops and snakes called DHS, they had their plan clearly written by joe fuckin biden as he wrote the patriot act. Biden is a historical shitbird on par with drug lord clintons fake marriage turdshow.
As this is a 9/11 thread now since I am making it that, it is important to know what ratlines the jews use to climb into the bridge and command stage of your national ship.
Oh and I think Marylin was a jew also and the guy who handled/pimped her to rich hollywodd and gangsters, was also. That's my understanding. She was a monica lewinsky but not so fugly.
ALSO please not the crossover relevance because this fucker at "robin hood brokerage" has obviously surrounded himself with a bunch of asian chicks, heh. This relates to the mineshaft gap, people like this shitstain will breed up asian bitches. Myself I will only fuck within my race but as we can see, racial integrity means less babies and so probably we will lose our good blood to scum such as this man who will obviously breed indiscriminately and is obviously a disgusting shecklemongering thief. Just some thoughts on this thread and subject. Pussy is money even more than money or drugs are money but pussy runs on drugs and money, so it is like a sort of super-money. But, any one of those asian employee coozes above can wreck him. So, the flip side of the coin is that he probably will crimp his own dick with his goals.
All set for the future this little shitstain is eh?