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Rather than make a new thread about OSHA quietly removing the policy that employers should record and report vaxx illness. I figured I would just bump one of my favorite threads that you guys never really sunk your teeth into.
No seriously, if you get clots or anything that causes damage, as a side effect of your employer threatening to fire you if you didn't get the shot, well, you're fucked. OSHA says it's not the employer's fault, for being a weasel and a dickhead pushing this shot lock step plan.
"The requirement to record "days away from work" would have been most applicable to COVID-19 vaccinations. Although the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that severe allergic reactions to vaccines are rare, many people have reported experiencing mild "flu-like" symptoms that may require a day or two of rest.
OSHA's initial guidance did not provide an exception for mild symptoms or days that employees may miss while out on a flexible leave policy, Hulse observed. Now that the requirement has been lifted, he said, employers can be more flexible with providing time off from work to recover from the vaccine.
OSHA may change its directive in the future but said it will practice its discretion and won't enforce the recording requirements through May 2022. "