Stiff Upper Everyone Some Will Make It And They Will Remember Our Courage Tardus 08/26/2021 (Thu) 13:39:30 Id: ce08de No.17761 del
Thanks man, great vid.
IMO the english language speaking people of Earth are its true holders.
All English colonies all Americans, everyone who adheres to English or tries to learn it, even these mexicans that flee their homelands to come here and swing hammers, at least the good ones try to fucking learn and speak English. The ones that do, have done a good part to keep civilization alive. Probably it would be best if all Spanish nations switch to english, let's face it. If Mexico switched to English they'd do better.
All wars are language wars, script wars, alphabet wars. Cyrillic versus Latin versus Greek versus Hebrew and so on. The future will yearn to gaze into our time, and they will study ENGLISH to know us.
English is what George Washington spoke, and I stand with him, he is my true founding father, and he understood well. Sayeth he:

"Christians will die on their feet rather than on their knees."