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Those are pretty words, but all of this is quite impossible for a jew. They did not convert when they became "Conversos". Kikes only pretended to save themselves from exile or infiltrate churches, because that's what they do. They pretend. They lie as frequently as they breathe. An obsession over Hitler to the point of collecting material around him does not mean someone is "for" him, especially when it comes to jews. There is not a single jew for Hitler. They have an all-consuming hate for him, and that hate is also focused in many other different directions. The jew mind is depraved. I have seen one state that when he closes his eyes, he sees dead children, women being raped, slaughter. Throughout history, they have proven they're incapable of integrating positively with anyone whatsoever. The massacre of modern Palestinians; unarmed men women, and children. The five dancing Israelis literally driving around with a van mural of a plane headed towards the Twin Towers on 9/11. The Boston Marathon bombing with Bob and Esta Epstein behind it. The worst economic failure in history brought into the best economic revival, the Third Reich, outnumbered by jewish Bolsheviks and pathetic brainwashed Allied simps. Multi-culturalism, mass-immigration that is destroying both Europe and the U.S., worldwide fanatical Communism and Zionism, banking usury, feminism and the destruction of traditional gender roles to undermine both sexes including pushing transgenderism, Yugoslavian organ trafficking, the U.S. and European sex slave trade of human trafficking, the Federal Reserve, the IMF and World Banks, Afghanistan and both Iraq wars for Israel, the current agitation towards Iran and Syria, the mass starvations of Holodomor by Bolsheviks, the atomic bomb, Israel's attack on the USS Liberty with zero retaliation, stealing Uranium from Numec for their nuclear weapons, Israel receiving a total of $146 billion courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, pornography and circumcision. Blaming all European descended under the title "white" for the jewish Trans Atlantic slave trade when they owned the ships, ports and sold negros in newspapers. Kosher tax, poisoning the wells during the Black Death, Jack the Ripper, the JFK assassination, the Danzig massacres that lured Hitler into invading Poland when their population of jews was the highest in the world at the time. Then there are overwhelming jewish CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen of every mainstream media network and social media. Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, degenerate music pushed through jewish record producers, radio, advertising, the news, the synagogue known as the White House. They bribe and run the Senate, Congress, the Supreme Court, State and Justice Departments, the Treasury, Ivy League universities, Think Tanks, Professional Sports, the ADL, SPLC, ACLU, etc. In addition to this, Israel has received hundreds of millions in "reparations" for their fraud holocaust narrative going on over 70 years.

The jews are a cancer of this world. Inherently evil born nation destroyers. Whether it's from centuries of inbreeding or their spirits are intended to be rotten to the core, who knows. The "good jew" is a myth. There is no such thing. Salvation does not exist for them.