Reader 08/28/2021 (Sat) 09:01:03 Id: 5baa72 No.17765 del
The first time I saw that jews for Hitler things I remember thinking it was a fallback plan, meaning, jews could, in their influence sphere, began to question the holohoax and the many lies they tell at any time, but oddly enough those vids only show up in the same platforms used by those aware of the jews as the pernicious race that they are. If jews where truly for truth and love they would start to guide their own people to the light, but blood is stronger, everyone's natural inheritance will always show up, and jews are happy to have people enslaved by a pandemic and to have the entire world in fear of the flu, their god of hate and fear so well imprinted on their communist ideals, has taken a front seat on the world scenery, and more people are starting to notice.