Bless All Pilots They Take A Lot of Risk Tardus 08/28/2021 (Sat) 15:44:34 Id: 32b3ee No.17767 del
>Frank Siller whose brother died as a firefighter on 9/11/2001
>Walking the routes of the planes.

Looks like he is in Shanksville these days. Feel free to discuss the flight 93 shitfilm. I can't even stand to watch it. However when and if I DO watch it, the only good part is all the FAA scenes where we see the FAA bossman, being totally cut out by the bobbleheaded military cutout they gave him. That actor playing the milspec cutout bobblehead at the FAA HQ really gives me a chuckle. He ain't telling them shit and he don't know shit, and shit's rolling downhill, so eat shit. Hah. And really if you turn the sound down and put on some nice classical music, the rest of the film is easy to laugh at, take it as you like it. Yes, if you and me were on some plane and the sons of bitches were gonna nose it in, we'd say "let's roll" and rush them fuckers. Oh but also, Jews are doing that to the plane of our country and and anyone good who 'rolled' to DC to be there on Jan 6th is now being rolled like cookie dough in prison, with no help given. So, "let's roll" yeah right what an easy pill to swallow, to believe. Not one person is rolling up on the alien facehugging squid call the FRB and the clinton blood/oil nexus, etc. No one is rolling the fuck, anywhere except this man, walking. Good job man, way to commemorate that day we all recall, when DHS flopped out bloody and shiny from Osama's womb, onto the streets and corridors of the traumatized and shocked, horrified people of the United States.