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>I didn't undestand a thing from this thread. Should I go watch the X-files?

Chris Carter is a CIA glowmeister.
The show is what it is, literally they dredged up everything they could think of. In one episode, Sbufaluppaghus walks by in the background if you pause it real quick.
My friend, why don't you give us some data on yourself rather than asking for some tutelage. If you seem fake, your shit will be deleted faster than Il Duce's speeches. Anyway I haven't read any of them but I hear they were
[gangster voice] "Pretty good."
Dude, my broshep, if I am snarky it is because I have a lot on my plate ATM, so, if you have questions, ask them. As to if you should watch the show, good luck downloadiung all the episodes because as of this year, DMCA assbrains and their lawyer attack dogs, are shutting down people's internets.
So this thread hit a nerve and you won't have [thing whatever] in the future, so, crunch time's coming dude. NOW IS THE TIME to ask questions if there is info you lack.