Peppers Spray Now: Salt Spray Tomorrow! Tardus 09/21/2021 (Tue) 12:05:09 Id: b3f250 No.17808 del
>Silly string
Shit mate that's probably hi burn pepper spray, you can be blinded or suffer permanent eye damage from some of that foam shit, I would certainly look at that as a lethal vector at least in terms of my own personal guard, sure I'd give them lethal foam to use because you can spray shit tons of people with it and have already based your own troop with a nice gloopy anti-reactant compound. Mt dude, research what chem war is, it's easily at the top level, burn delivering items or lethality/neuro-payload via skin eyes mouth ears.
<"Take no foam as light, for it be weigh't down with the bacilli and whipping instruments of Lucifer's worst followers." - Demogogous 912 bc
AFAIK these photos are not doctored, I have not changed names, the perps know their deeds and their friendships, let the days come forth.