LOP and GLP Are Kike Infested Shitholes of Lames Tardus 09/24/2021 (Fri) 21:20:42 Id: 004038 No.17819 del
Oh shit I forgot about the 'change one pixel' thing. I never know which ones got caught up in that shitshow. Anyway, at least endchan gives us our iceberg here, and yes, you sir are most welcome. I recall how it was. I really feel that the glacial pace puts off the kike brigade. Time is on our side as is truth.

I'm banned from the two forums I use, and they're junk anyway but, one has to stand on the same corners sometimes. Anyway I don't post on end/pol/ because it's just too involved and serious. I feel I can fuck off at news and I appreciate your 'tolerance' heh.

I want to throw down some serious OC chops in some news threads but will sage them. I will be bumping the Hitler Did Nothing Wrong thread here so anyone can do that with content if they wish, I feel it's just one of our flagship threads.