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According to, from December 2020 to January 14, 2022, 1,053,830 total reports exist. (NOTE: it has been reported on in the censored press that they are being deleted [4]3. Out of the remaining 1,053,830 reports, 2,193 reports were death. That means approx 1 in 47 reports are fatal. Compared to the previous Pfizer trial FOIA'd last year [5]4 this is actually an improvement of 1.2%.

Using basic computation with the previous number provided in the report (as it is larger than the current, which is known to have a number of removals) 1 in 202 injections lead to a VAERS entry.

Computing 22,193 death reports to total population (again 251 million) produces 1 in ~11,309 injections leading to REPORTED death. This does not account for potential under-reporting to the system.

I do not have the program openEBGM to run the algorithm. I may download it and provide the results from it in later report.

Considering the fact that these statistics are overall, and do not correspond to Lot Number of vax, we can not truly know if the vax received was saline[6]5 [7]6 [8]7, tainted[9]8 [10]9 [11]10, Expired[12]11 [13]12 [14]13 [15]14, or otherwise affected[16]15 Efforts are being made to find correspondences to this information.

I believe that not only due to the staggering differences in reporting of official numbers, censorship of VAERS information (which may or may not be due to legitimate removal), and concerns of radical above-normal [17]16 [18]17 death-rates comparatively, investigation is immediately necessary.


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