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When their treachery is exposed, they want to hide behind the “moral paragon” status perversely given to all of the outcasts of the world by the twisted moral system that now prevails. To cut them out of any part of the victim action is too much for them to stand; so they horn in. A jew is always the biggest big-footer around. His central claim is that antisemitism is seen as unimportant in UK society, especially amongst those he calls progressives. He says that jews are erased from public discourse and racism against them is not taken seriously because they are seen as part of the white majority, do not stand out from the crowd visually, and on the average are not economically or socially disadvantaged. So unfunny comedian David Baddiel has set out to address this non-issue with a book called Jews Don’t Count. Clearly he’s not talking about shekels, because no one denies they count those to the last one.

It is the comedian and writer David Baddiel’s contention that one type of racism has been left out of this fight. He outlines why and how, in a time of intensely heightened awareness of minorities, jews don’t count as a real minority: and why they should. That is: Here comes the whining, here comes the whingeing. First of all, remember that this is a time of obsession with minorities thanks alone to jews; without them, none of the “visibles” would have had the horses to bring themselves to the center of the world’s attention; it was Jews who opened the borders to double, triple, quintuple their numbers; it was Jews who taught the world to worship them; it was jews who used Negroes in America as a test case, and soon branched out to every minor branch of what they call humanity. So now the Jews don’t want to get left out of all the perks of being “oppressed by Whites”; they’re afraid that more and more people see them, the jews, as the privileged — and they can’t abide that.

The premise of Jews Don’t Count is that antisemitism is too often glossed over – blanked out – by just those progressives who would usually rush to support any beleaguered minority group. It occurs to me that in the mainstream right and the mainstream left there is no paucity of attention paid to the jews’ every little hangnail, to the jews in general, and “anti-Semitism” above all else. Governors and legislators and bureaucrats and Presidents drool all over themselves placating jews, mollifying them, appeasing them, and putting whatever jews want in the grade school curriculum. American politicians go to the wall (the jew wall [Western Wall] — not the other one, sadly), and all and sundry make it their life mission to get on the good side of jews. When it comes to the good graces and good offices of the jews (such as they are), no one wants to be left holding the bag, unless it’s a bag of shekels. And the likes of Baddiel still wail.

He has of course written off the big “anti-Semites” of the right, but what gets under his thin jew skin is his natural cohort, the far left. Why, isn’t the left full of good-hearted people? Can’t they see that jews are good-hearted too? (Excuse me while I get back up off the floor.) And all this tears this vile jew up inside. A jew wants all the accolades. Jews can’t stand that they are disliked in any way, while at the very same time they know that many, many people are intensely aware of how much they stink. And they do, of course — to high heaven. So the Jew cries out as a way to strike you. The sub-title is more telling about the theme of the book: How Identity Politics Failed One Particular Identity. Baddiel wants to be part of identity politics in which he is not reviled as being, as he remarks, “white-male-cis-het.” In the far reaches of the left, the jews have met many people who have learned the jews’ lessons all too well; in them they have created a Frankenstein (emphasis on the stein) monster and been hoisted on their own petard.

And it could not have happened to a more demonic group of people. [continued]­